Staycation in Ireland – Kippure Estate County Wicklow

With the sun finally making an appearance it’s the perfect time to plan a holiday in Ireland rather than abroad or day trips to local attractions or surrounding counties.

Staycations in Ireland

Cheap Holidays in Ireland

Staycations in Ireland

Over the Easter holidays I took the boys to a hidden gem in a stunning mountain setting estate only 40 minutes from Dublin. Although, it took us 3 hours to get there as we took the scenic route – yeah right, we just got very lost!

We ended up in Wexford then drove back towards Dublin and made our way to Lara and then through Sally Gap which is absolutely stunning by the way! After 1.5 hours on the open road we telephoned Kippure Estate who told us we should have taken the turn for Tallaght at junction 11 off the M50, sure that’s only down the road from us!

Cheap holiday in Ireland

Eventually we arrived at our destination. We were given the keys to a perfect self-catering holiday home with plenty of space for three young boys to play hide a seek, worm in the whole and a few other old school games. After we settled in, we took the 15 minute drive to Blessington to stock up on supplies and grab a chipper – best Kebab I’ve had in a long time!

The kitchen is well stocked with tea towels, utensils, delf and cutlery. Each room was complete with hand/bath towel, enough for everyone.

Cheap family holidays in Ireland

Holiday home

Cheap holidays in IrelandKitchen areaKippure estate wicklow Ireland

Dining area

Kippure estate wicklow Ireland

Double room

Kippure estate wicklow Ireland

Living area

Kippure estate wicklow Ireland

Kids room

Our holiday home had four bedrooms with plenty of space in each, enough room for all the fambo.

Things to do on holiday in Ireland

On Saturday morning at 11am we were booked in for hours of adventure activities in Kippure estate. The activities took place literally 40 seconds walk from our holiday home, which was really convenient bearing in mind we had three excited, impatient boys ready to get stuck in. Kippure offer half day and full day outdoor activities to keep everyone busy, choose a package that suits you.

Adventure activities in Kippure estate and lodge wicklow

Rock climbing

Adventure activities at Kippure estate wicklowBalancing ropes

Adventure activities in Kippure estate and lodge wicklow

Leap of Faith

The ULTIMATE test of courage!! Three challenges wrapped up in one activity – climb a 9 metre (30 feet) pole, stand on top of a small, wobbling platform and if you are mad enough (yes I am) – leap through the air and grasp a suspended trapeze bar.

Adventure activities at Kippure estate wicklow


Fulfill your dream of being Katniss Everdeen as you learn to hit the bulls-eye on the outdoor range.

adventure activities in Ireland

Rock climbing

Kippure estate and lodge wicklow

After a long day of activities it was time to chill out with pint of the black stuff – Kippure Estate is not just for kids they have a fully stocked bar too!

While we wet our whistles, the three boys played outside for hours it reminded me of when we went camping as kids, just out in the sticks making your own fun without the iPad lol

Kippure estate and lodge wicklow

It’s a great location if you’re looking for a country setting but you don’t want to have to drive too far with all the gang in tow. Natural surroundings don’t get much more perfect than at Kippure Estate! Located next to the spectacular Wicklow Mountains National Park, in amongst beautiful natural scenery, while remaining only 40 minutes’ drive from Dublin ideal for a day trip or a long weekend with the kiddies or friends.

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