Mink Lashes & HD Brows

It’s midweek, halfway to the weekend and what better way to celebrate than head out and have the eyebrows and lashes did!


Today I  had an appointment with the talented Amy from Shapes and Shadows in Balbriggan to have my Mink lashes and HD Brows done. We started with the HD Brows.

What are HD Brows?  HD Brows are a combination of seven-steps.

  1. Assessing your face shape, colouring and natural brows to determine the best result for you.
  2. Tinting of all brow hairs.
  3. Waxing both above and below the brows.
  4. Threading.
  5. Tweezing.
  6. Trimming.
  7. Aftercare.

Then it was onto the Mink Lashes.

Picture 44

Before- Notice the large gap in the lashes on the right side. After- Tidy, nice shape brow, full lashes.

My natural lashes have become short and they curl up at the outer corners. They also grow sporadically with gaps in between the lashes. This damage has been caused from years of using strip lashes and neglecting to use the correct aftercare.

Amy told me about a product from HD Brows called “Grow baby Grow” which she highly recommends. It helps build up the natural lash and thicken and lengthen them. It’s €60 but I have been assured it’s well worth it!

Picture 46

If like me you’re a bit fidgety, Amy is the go to girl. Amy advised me that at any time I felt like I had to open my eyes, just let her know. This was really reasurring as I’ve had my lashes applied before and it can become uncomfortable when you think you can’t open your eyes for two hours. You suddenly feel like you have to open them and it’s a very distressing feeling for some (me)! After about an hour on the bed I had to have a toilet break, then it was back to the bed for another hour. It’s a long process so it makes a huge difference if you have the freedom of opening your eyes, if you need to.


If you’re interested in having your HD Brows and Mink lashes with the super talented Amy check her out on facebook


Keep an eye out for special offers! I was lucky enough to avail of this weeks special offer to get both my HD Brows and Mink lashes for €60.

Price list
Hd brows first time €30
Hd brows on continuous basis €25
Mink lashes €45
Refill €35

Thank you for reading XX

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